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Delaware Criminal Records:

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Provided by the U.S. District Court of State of Delaware. You can register with a fee-based PACER system and look for Federal, Civil, And Criminal court records. Look for by the case number, the party name, the filing date, or by the last update. Dockets and documents will be provided.
Look for Supreme, Chancery, Superior, or the Common Pleas Court Criminal Orders or Opinions in State of Delaware. You can browse by the name, the date, the case or the ID number. Or just simply look through listings by the month and the year.
The police department of Dover, from the State of Delaware, can provide the listing of the most wanted persons. With information including the name, the photo, the date of birth, a physical description, their last known address, their charges, or any contact information.
Search a list of recent State of Delaware death row inmates and executions carried out since 1992. This list provides the name of the inmate, a date scheduled for execution, any appeals, their date of birth, their race, their gender, the offense, the date of sentencing, the date of execution, or the description of the crime.
Provided by the Millsboro, from the State of Delaware Police Department. Search by name for most wanted criminals or look at information. Including the name, the photo, the age, a physical description, their charges, or their last known address.
Search the State of Delaware State Police database for the most wanted persons for failure to re-register as sex offenders. The database provides their name, their photo, their physical description, or their last-known address.
Provided by the County of New Castle, in the State of Delaware. You can browse an interactive service to look at crime incident mapping, by the community or the crime type.
Look for State of Delaware sex offenders. Search by their last name, development, the city, or the zip code. You can also search by the name, the location, any vital statistics, their picture, the crime(s), or any risk assessment.
Browse for the State of Delaware registered sex offenders by their last name, development, the city, or the zip code. It gives name, the location, the vital statistics, their picture, the crime(s), or any risk assessment.
Search the alphabetical list, of the State of Delaware prison escapees and work release absconders. You can look at the name, a photo, the address, their date of birth, their physical description, their offense, and the date or place of the escape.
Look for the State of Delaware State Police listing of the most wanted criminals. You can aquire the information including the name, a physical description, the last known address, or the crime.
Look through the U.S. Marshals Service Most Wanted List, for the District of State of Delaware. Browse by their name and the photograph. They can provide the offense, the date of warrant or the point of contact.
Use the State of Delaware Criminal Justice Information System, and Wanted Person Review service, and find outstanding warrants by their name.
Provided by the Sussex County Sheriff Department. You can search by the name and photo for the most wanted criminals. You can also review information including a physical description, the age, or charges.
Search Wilmington, State of Delaware Police Department's list of individuals, that were arrested on drug charges. Search for by their name and their photograph.
You can find sex offenders in the State of Delaware.
In Delaware look for an inmate prison.