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    Delaware > Criminal Wants and Arrest Warrants:

    Below are a list of public record resources that are provided mainly by the USA government. Select a category or start searching.

    Not all of our resources are categorized yet. We are working hard to get everything categorized to make it easier for you to find what your looking for. If you don't see the resource in a category, then browse the listings below and you will most likely find it.

    Adoption Records
    Arrest Records
    Bankruptcy Records
    Birth Records
    Burial Records
    Court Records
    Criminal Records
    Criminal Wants and Arrest Warrants
    Death Records
    Divorce Records
    Jail and Inmate Records
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    Missing Persons Children
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    Sex Offenders
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    1. Search For Dover's Most Wanted From The State Of Delaware
    The police department of Dover, from the State of Delaware, can provide the listing of the most wanted persons. With information including the name, the photo, the date of birth, a physical description, their last known address, their charges, or any contact information.
    2. Look For Millsboro Most Wanted Criminals From Delaware
    Provided by the Millsboro, from the State of Delaware Police Department. Search by name for most wanted criminals or look at information. Including the name, the photo, the age, a physical description, their charges, or their last known address.
    3. Search For The Most Wanted Sex Offenders From Delaware
    Search the State of Delaware State Police database for the most wanted persons for failure to re-register as sex offenders. The database provides their name, their photo, their physical description, or their last-known address.
    4. Browse The State Of Delawares Most Wanted From The Department Of Corrections
    Search the alphabetical list, of the State of Delaware prison escapees and work release absconders. You can look at the name, a photo, the address, their date of birth, their physical description, their offense, and the date or place of the escape.
    5. Search The State Of Delawares State Police Most Wanted
    Look for the State of Delaware State Police listing of the most wanted criminals. You can aquire the information including the name, a physical description, the last known address, or the crime.
    6. Search The U.S. Marshals Most Wanted From The State Of Delaware
    Look through the U.S. Marshals Service Most Wanted List, for the District of State of Delaware. Browse by their name and the photograph. They can provide the offense, the date of warrant or the point of contact.
    7. Search The State Of Delaware For Warrants
    Use the State of Delaware Criminal Justice Information System, and Wanted Person Review service, and find outstanding warrants by their name.
    8. Locate Sussex Countys Most Wanted Criminals From Delaware
    Provided by the Sussex County Sheriff Department. You can search by the name and photo for the most wanted criminals. You can also review information including a physical description, the age, or charges.
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